About Me

Hi my name is Katherine. I’m an artist, a mama to both the furry kind and not so furry kind, a wife, a teacher… I love nature and a good adventure.  We’ve moved around entirely too much so that my husband could pursue his career. We’ve had many experiences as a result of moving that I would never trade. I’ve met some great people, explored beautiful places, owned and renovated a 100 year old farm house, developed my skills as a potter and even sold some pieces in a gallery…. Of course moving to a new place always means starting over again for me and that comes with its challenges.

One thing that has always stayed the same throughout all the inconsistency is my need to create. I get great joy out of cooking for others and sharing food. I enjoy photography, sewing and just being creative in general. My most favorite art form will always be throwing pottery, I’m looking forward to having my own in home studio one day so that I can really devote my time to it. 

Grab a cup of coffee and take a look around, hopefully we can inspire each other!

Some people say they are sailing through life, I'm creating through it.