What's on my Bookshelf?

I adore books and find them to be the most beautiful treasures. Books are like interactive artwork to me. I've always had FULL bookshelves in my home. My husband and I both had jobs when we were in college that gave us books as one of the benefits. I always find it fascinating to see what others are reading and that's how I often discover new books for my own collection. Below I will add books that I've got on my own bookshelf in hopes to continue to keep alive the joy of reading. Clicking on the title will give you more information about the book.


Where  do I get my books from? Some I get as gifts and some I purchase or swap. I often check Amazon to see if they have a good price on a book I'm looking for. One of my favorite ways to get books is through swapping but you have to have books that you are willing to swap. The way it works is you post books that you no longer want and other members will request them from you. You ship them the book and you get a credit for any book you want listed on the site. So you're getting a new to you book for the cost of a few dollars shipping. I always ship using  media mail which is the lowest price. I've had great success with swapping always getting books quickly and in great condition. If you never heard of Paper Back Swap check it out by clicking the link below. 

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

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