November 21, 2012

Live Thanks

Around this time last year I created a board on Pinterest called Live Thanks. The goal was to pin at least 365 things to the board that I'm thankful for.  I started out strong. Pinterest is a great place full of inspiration. Unfortunately it can for many turn into a negative thing. It often makes you desire things that you can't obtain due to lack of time or resources. I often find myself comparing my own life and abilities to that of others that may or may not even be reality. I thought when I got on Pinterest if I turned my focus to what I was thankful for that would help keep it positive. Well I only pinned 107 things to my board. I didn't meet my goal but I'm gonna keep pinning things I'm thankful for. If you want you can join me. I would love to follow your Live Thanks board and we can help keep each other focused on Living Thanks.

If you still want to create something special for your Thanksgiving table maybe the picture below will inspire you. I grabbed an old wooden cheese box from the basement and filled it with acorns. Then I added 3 baby pumpkins, left over from a project I did at school with my students, and two candles.  I love it's rustic simplicity! So start searching your own home. Is there anything you can gather together?
Thanks so much for stopping by today,  I'm so THANKFUL for you!

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