January 22, 2013

Keeping Tabs

Where does the time go? I've been planing this post in my head for quite some time but I just haven't been able to carve out time to actually write it. I'm humbled that even when this space is silent there are still new followers. I appreciate you all so much!

I'm hoping that by now you have your 2013 calendar and have already started writing down important dates and things to remember. I love keeping tabs and staying organized. I could spend entirely too long setting up a calendar for the year and of course waaayyyy too long looking at all the pretty calendars and deciding which one to get.

Lucky for me last year I discovered a blog by the name of Design Crush. Every year Kelly hosts a Calendar Swap. People from around the world send in their contact information and then she sets up matches. Kelly shares ideas for calendars on her blog and this year she created a Pinterest board for all of us to follow and pin calendars to.

It's always so fun to learn about the person you were set up with and anticipate the calendar you will receive in the mail. Last year I decided to make a perpetual calendar for my swapmate. I'm still planning on making one for myself but haven't got around to it yet. You can never have too many calendars right?

This year my swapmate sent me TWO calendars! How awesome is that!?! These were not just typical calendars though. Truly they are works of art and a labor of love. I feel so blessed.

The first calendar was made by my swap-mate herself and her amazing press, which you can read a little about here.

This calendar inspires you to keep writing and gives you a different theme to write a letter about each month. Isn't it so creative and beautiful? If you're interested in finding out more about Melanie's other letterpress items you can go to her website at greymoggie.com

Melanie also teaches letterpress workshops at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center and she sent me the calendar that they put together. All proceeds from the calendar go to help maintain the studio and equipment.

Now this calendar is AMAZING.

I absolutely adore that each month is different and unique to the artist that created it.
March is one of my favorites. Save a spider day makes me laugh.

Of course I LOVE November. It's like they created it with me in mind.
I'm so thrilled with these calendars and impressed by the quality! I'm looking forward to enjoying them all year long.

Have you ever participated in a swap of some sort before? If so what kind?  I would love to host a swap here on the blog, what would you be interested in swapping? 


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  1. katherine, i love this, very cool.

    so do you swap calendars? what do you mean matches?


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