March 18, 2014

Easy Burlap Wreath

I made a new wreath for the front door. The front of our house is in desperate need of color; it will get there one step at a time. I keep putting plants on the porch and they keep dying.  It must just be the time of year. This wreath at least adds some cheer.
I was inspired by THIS tutorial from the blog Mrs. Hines Class. When I went to the store to get supplies I was excited to discover a square shaped metal wreath form which was a perfect fit for my door. I used burlap ribbon with wire, which holds it's shape better but you could use the kind without wire too. Basically you find the burlap that you like, there are so many fun colors these days and you just weave it in and out of the wreath form.
I bet this would work beautifully with regular ribbon too.  This is a super easy project! So if you've always wanted to try making a wreath yourself this is a great place to start; even the most craft challenged could do this project. 


  1. So pretty! Ribbon or different kinds of material might work. Maybe I'll get round to making something for my door too.


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