June 12, 2014

Following Along

I got an e-mail a while back from a reader who asked how they can get updates in their e-mail when I blog. I thought that they could by clicking on the RSS feed button. The acorns on the top right side of this page are clickable, there used to be one for RSS, unfortunately it didn't work any more. So I've changed it to an acorn with an envelope on it. That will take you to FeedBurner where you can subscribe by e-mail. Does that make sense? Clicking the other acorns will take you to my Pinterest page and Facebook page. I usually add a link to Facebook when I blog so that's another great way to follow along.

I do realize that I haven't been blogging as consistently lately but I'm definitely still around. I love sharing with all of you. So keep following along and there are sure to be new posts in the future.

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