July 13, 2012


We closed on our house one week ago today! It ended up being only 4 days later than anticipated. The bank did their appraisal at the very end and decided that the house needed some work. We were well aware that we were buying an old house and that it needed work but the things they wanted done were just silly. We worked hard to meet their requirements and finally closed! There's something about working for what you want. It really makes you appreciate it that much more.

My phone died the day before closing and on top of that we soon discovered service at our knew house was very spotty. We finally got internet installed this week and it feels good to be able to connect with the world again. The funny thing is I just haven't gotten around to it. I've been cleaning until my fingers are raw. And when I've not been cleaning I've been sitting on my screened in porch enjoying the birds songs and the graceful deer. Did I tell you we saw a bear the day we moved in!?! It was so gorgeous, with the softest looking velvet black fur and a honey colored nose, don't worry he was skittish.

Here's a picture of the back of our new farmhouse. I can't believe I have my very own red bridge that crosses over my very own creek!
 There have been entirely too many of these around.
For a while I thought I moved into a Spider Sanctuary, where spiders go to be protected. Luckily they've slowly started disappearing as we've taken over their territory.

Today I've been prepping for painting the soon-to-be living room and library. It feels good to work so hard but it's really exhausting.

It's probably going to be hard for a while to stay as consistent with my blogging. If you're looking for away to stay connected I'm on Instagram. I add pictures pretty regularly with my phone since that tends to be much more handy. My user name is creatingthroughlife. I hope to see ya there!

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