July 24, 2012


The projects are never ending around this place! I find myself working all day long and then at night I'm too tired to do anything at all. I keep thinking that things will go pretty fast and then it so doesn't. For example painting our living room. I found myself saying how hard could this be, it's just painting. It was so much harder than I thought it would be. Partly because it's not a brand new home and on top of the walls being a little wonky there are layers of paint to be dealt with. But we did it and I only have 1 more door to paint and a few spots to touch up. Anybody have any good painting tips that they want to share? We definitely learned a lot as we went. Here's what the room looked like before:

And here's what it looked like after we painted, the angles not quite the same but you get the idea. It's an odd shaped room to take pictures of.

Mostly what's left is unpacking and adding all the fun touches, it's nice to have a fresh coat of paint and clean white trim. What do you think of the green?

After all this painting I needed to  take a break and do a little retail therapy. The people we bought the house from left us a set of solid wood furniture on the sun porch a.k.a. solar room. Have you ever heard of a solar room before? I hadn't but it's a fascinating concept. 

As you can see the cushions had to go. They were itchy and I'm allergic to cats and I'm convinced they had one. So I began my search and found some awesome deep seated outdoor cushions on clearance.  That would take care of the bottom cushions and for the top I'm on the hunt for fun, large pillows. There's a couch, love seat and chair to find cushions and pillows for. The love seat is done, I'm still searching for the perfect pillows for the couch.

I'm in love with the light in this room! I had a dream about the print on those pillows, Isn't that weird? I wanted to maybe do wallpaper in this room with insects but the pillows will do for now. Aren't they too fun?

I was able to get enough green cushions for the couch and love seat but the chair I had to get a different color.

Next time you see furniture with good bones don't pass it by there's almost always a way to bring it back to life! Have you got any interesting projects going on around your house, tell me about it?


  1. I love the green! The Hubster and I painted our bedroom a very similar shade last year and I still love it. The trim on the inside of our archway is white too. :)


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