March 18, 2013

Apple Brie

We had a little event to help out with this weekend and we were supposed to bring a finger food. I wanted to try something different. I also needed to figure out what to put the food on. I needed something that didn't really matter if I got back or not. We've found all sorts of fun stuff that's been left behind at this old house of ours.

Back behind our garage is a stone wall and a hill.
That's where the old roof to our farmhouse lies. It was a slate roof. So I went digging for the smoothest pieces I could find which would be perfect for my finger food.

I scrubbed them good and put a coat of mineral oil on them just like you use on a wooden cutting board. I'll have to share what I learned recently about mineral oil next time. 
I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity use the slate in this way. They make the perfect serving trays and you can easily write what the food is with a chalk pen. After I made these tasty morsels I rushed to snap some pictures before heading out the door. Not until I started to put together this post did I realize my mistake. How embarrassing! I forgot to put the E on APPLE on the tray to the left. I wonder how many people noticed? The good thing is people were raving about how delicious the Apple Brie was. They kept saying, "who made this?"

Well I can't take the credit for their deliciousness. I found the recipe at Dancing Branflakes. She's got great pictures. She did warn about the cheese oozing out, so I was sure to seal mine up tight. Which I probably could have done a little prettier. But hey they were so yummy it didn't matter. I did need to cook mine a little longer and I also made a batch with nuts and some without. They were both good. I hope you'll head on over to Dancing Branflakes and get the recipe, I highly recommend it. And next time you're looking for something to serve your food on, see if you can find some slate.

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