March 4, 2013

Photography Challenge Finale

This week is the Finale of the Nurture Winter Photography Challenge.  It's been fun to see the images captured from people all over the map. Rebecca & Kristi did a wonderful job sharing tips, inspiration and feedback. If you get a chance you should head over and check out the e-book that they put together.

This was our first Winter in PA and though it started out mild it did end up staying cold consistently.

When the snow fell it would stay for a while.

Then the sun would come out

and so would the squirrels.

 It truly was a beautiful Winter here.

I'm not gonna lie though I'm ready for SPRING!


  1. Your photos are wonderful! I love the one above the squirrel best. I just added you on instagram.

  2. The icicles are so beautiful against the blue sky, as well as seeing the sun light through the trees ... very beautiful!


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