February 28, 2013


This weeks theme for the Winter Photography challenge is Blue/Breath. Blue isn't too hard for me to capture, I have a lot of blue things in my life. My car is blue.

My house is blue.
I have blue counter-tops in my kitchen and there was a lot more blue before we redid it. 

I have a blue bathroom.

It's a love hate relationship with this bathroom. I actually refer to it as the Blue Beast. By the way these stall showers are great for washing your dog.

My favorite blue of all is the sky. Especially during winter.

You know Winter is ending soon when the birds become more active.

There's nothing better than when the warm sun peeks through the frosty trees and the blue sky begins to show.

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  1. Nice captures! I like blue sky very much too.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


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