February 19, 2013

Winter's Treasure

Kristi & Rebecca are doing a great job hosting another seasonal photography challenge. It's fun to see how others interpret the theme for the week. In case you missed it the first week's theme was Black/Shadows, last week was White/Minimalism and the theme this week is Silver/Treasure.
This is our first winter in PA. We've heard more than once that winters in PA are awful. 
Since we survived winters in Colorado & Nebraska we've been just fine 
and it really hasn't been that bad. 

Winter here has brought many treasures with it. 
Gleaming sticks of glass glisten and sparkle in the sun. 

I could spend all day watching the icicles melt away. 
We have a creek that runs through our backyard that provides a peaceful background. 

 Along the creek Winter hides treasures waiting to emerge come Springtime. 
Blanca of course is one of my treasures and she happens to be
 the best treasure hunter I know. We love exploring together. 
The crisp air of winter causes the creek water to crystallize and purify life.  

 Oh how I adore Winter's treasure!
 It is silvery and shines like diamonds. 

Each treasure is different from the other, special in it's own way. 
You better enjoy it while you can because soon it will be taken away.


  1. I like the branch across the water. :)

  2. These are simply beautiful, I adore those sparkling icicles!

    Thanks so much for taking part in the Nurture Photography Challenge!

  3. These are gorgeous! Love that last photo!

    Thanks for joining us in the Nurture Photography Challenge! I'm playing catch-up this weekend. So sorry for stopping by so late.


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