February 14, 2013

Love Day Thanks

How do I even begin to express my Thank you? To all those who have prayed for me, supported me and sent love my way. I feel truly loved.  People I don't even know have shown great care and concern for me. About a month ago I was referred to an oncologist. I've been in a great deal of discomfort both physically and as you can imagine mentally.

About two weeks ago I went in for a 2nd surgery of this kind. Crazy enough my  1st surgery  was one year ago today. Such a LOVEly memory.  This most recent surgery was successful but I'm still waiting to hear more details about the diagnosis from my doctor during the follow up appointment. There have been times that I haven't even been able to get myself a drink.  I haven't been able to barely walk on my own. I have felt pretty much worthless. With all that being said I still have HOPE, PEACE & JOY.  My mom and my husband have been so sweet to care for me during this time. The staff and volunteers at the hospital took excellent care of me too. They gave me a handmade bear!

This bear was made by volunteers and not only brightened my spirits but gave me something to squeeze and brace against. This bear has been going with me everywhere. I'm so thankful for those volunteers! A sweet volunteer even wheeled me out of the hospital when it was time to go home.

I don't really consider Valentine's day to be a romantic holiday, it's a day to remember all those that I love. I'm so thankful for the wonderful people in my life now and look forward to all the amazing relationships that I will have in the future. I was happy to feel well enough to create some Valentine's. I actually thought I felt so well that I wanted to make a few batches of cookies to ship out to those I love. That was a BIG mistake. It resulted in a very messy kitchen and lots of tears. I'm so happy my husband came to the rescue and cleaned everything up telling me that I shouldn't have even tried to do that in the first place.

I've had lots of time to enjoy the critters out the window. The squirrels especially have been fun to watch. I took a picture of them chasing each other and added some graphics and text, then printed them off at CVS. It's a super fun and easy to create a card.  You can glue the printed picture to card stock so you have a place to write a note.

Hope y'all enjoy today and take time to tell all those you love how much you love them.

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  1. What a cute cute stuffed animal they give you, I never got one!! haha

    glad you are finding comfort and peace, and that your husband is being helpful and supportive, sometimes that's the hardest battle.

    xo blessings


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