April 24, 2013

Green & Nature

I'm hoping to have a small garden this year so I started some seeds. Way too early by the way. I had tons of pictures documenting the growth of my seedlings but all but one seemed to have disappeared.


I held  my breath waiting for them to emerge and now I'm holding my breath hoping they will live until I can get them planted outside.

We have been in awe this Spring watching everything slowly come back to life. It's very exciting because we've never been here before in the Spring so we don't know what to expect. Every little sprout has brought us joy. Along our creek is really starting to flourish. It's where the most green can be found.

There are a variety of water plants popping up all along the edges.

I love seeing the moss come back creeping up between the brick walkway and spotting up rocks.
There are so many different varieties and variations all just as soft and springy.

We have been amazed at how fast one plant in particular has flourished. Although we shouldn't be so surprised.

It's beautiful isn't it? Look closer. Do you see it? Those awful thorns. These thorn bushes came to life over night. And to think we thought we might be able to get rid of some of them. They are all over our property. I suppose it's because it used to be a farm and it helped keep the animals where they were supposed to be. Those bushes are painful and really grab on. They make going on a stroll in the woods challenging.

As I think about this week's theme and all the growth that's taking place I'm reminded of a devotion I read last week in the Daily Bread.

"Over the course of a few short weeks, what appears hopelessly dead comes to life. Bleak woodlands are transformed into colorful landscapes. Trees whose naked arms reached to heaven all winter, as if pleading to be clothed, suddenly are adorned with lacy green gowns. Flowers that faded and fell to the ground in surrender to the cold rise slowly from the earth in defiance of death."

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  1. Lovely post, Katherine. I love the hopeful message that went with the pictures.


  2. These are beautiful. Crossing my fingers for your little seedlings. Love those water plants! Sweet message- Spring is certainly evidence of hope. Thanks so much for joining our Nurture Photography Challenge this week! Friday begins Lilac/Flowers. :)

  3. Look at you, you little green thumb! I love how you are involved with nature so often, I envy that :)


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