April 11, 2013


They're at it again. Rebecca, Alicia & Kristi are hosting another Photography Challenge.  It seems like the Winter one just ended yesterday. Anyone can be apart of the challenge, make sure you click the link above to find out more. It's a great way to be inspired and learn new tips and tricks. Each week is a different theme to capture. This week is Easter/Yellow.
I'm really loving the color yellow these days! I just painted part of my kitchen yellow, we've  got some yellow accents in the master bedroom and I'm working on building some raised garden beds and spray painting them yellow. There's just something about that color...

I've have been overjoyed by all the Daffodils that have popped up around our house!

Did I mentioned that I've cried multiple times thinking that we wouldn't have one flower come up. I've never lived this far north before and been here in the Spring. I thought for sure that since we didn't do anything in the Fall we would see nothing this Spring. Oh I'm so glad I was wrong.
These amazing yellow Daffodils have been emerging in the most unexpected places. We have a hill behind our house and there's an entire line of the them. It was amazing to watch them grow.
As they open it's like Spring is waving "hello."

I had to bring some inside to enjoy! I want to expereince them as fully and as long as possible.

I'm so glad it rained recently.  Because we all know with April showers we get more flowers!!!!

Praise be to God for His amazing creativity and beauty.

Nurture Photography Challenge - Spring 2013 Edition


  1. I've said this on a couple of other posts through the Nurture Photography Challenge, but I'm absolutely going to say it again... I love shots of flowers just as they are starting to bloom! They do look as if they are just waking up and saying hello! Wonderful photos!

  2. Yellow is so bright and happy! And you've captured these beautifully. Really love that second shot, the way the daffodils are framed perhaps... The water droplets are so pretty too. Thanks for sharing your lovely spring bulbs with us and for linking to the first week of the Photo Challenge. Tomorrow begins our Turquoise/Splash. Can't wait to see what you come up with!


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