May 8, 2013

Ivory & Dream

It's the time of year when dreams come alive. There's something about Spring that renews your spirit and fills you with vigor. Our days have been full trying to complete the endless list. Meals are eaten later, going to bed at a decent hour rarely happens. We wake up every morning to a chill in the air wafting through the open windows and the glorious song of birds in chorus. 
We long to spend the day fulfilling our dreams and soaking in the sun.

Do you ever feel like your dreams will never be fulfilled? That you have to many? That you just can't stop dreaming? For me the dreams just keep coming and I wonder everyday if I'm doing the right thing.  Am I wasting my time? Should I be doing something else?

I like to think our dreams evolve and change over time, just like a bud on a tree. Sometimes they are just little suckers that can suck the life right out of you if you let them. Sometimes they are big and strong; something that can not grow without water, sun, and nutrients. 
A dream that can not be attained on our own. 

Dreams come and go with every season of life. Sometimes they become something that is not ours alone, a shared dream, or a dream for someone else. 

Allow your dreams to be flexible. Don't get discouraged when time seems to pass you by and your dreams still remain unfulfilled. Maybe they're just dormant for a period of time, maybe it's just a season that you're in right now. Keep dreaming! Write your dreams down, allow them to evolve. Live in this moment, not the next and have hope. 

Nurture Photography Challenge - Spring 2013 Edition

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  1. You've managed to capture both Ivory and Dreams beautifully, in both photos and text! Such a lovely post! Thanks so much for sharing and linking to our Nurture Photography Challenge!


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