May 14, 2013

Pink & Home

We have had the full spectrum of pink blooming all around our home. It's been an absolute delight to watch the buds and flowers emerge.

It seems like Spring has been longer here and every day something new comes to life. When we lived in the South everything came to life all at once, here it's a little at a time. Our Azalea bush is so vibrant. I think it's the brightest I've ever seen.

My favorite plant in our whole yard or maybe EVER is the Bleeding Heart. I was shocked to discover it growing underneath the shade of the Rhododendron. I'd actually never seen one before but a lady at work talks with me often about plants and was telling me that hers were in bloom. I knew that's what we had after remembering her description. 

They are magnificent plants full of hanging heart shaped pillows. Have you ever seen one before?

My second favorite plant around our home is going to be the Peonies. I CAN NOT believe I'm going to have Peonies!!!! I took the pictures of the blooming Peonies at Longwood Gardens, I wonder if ours will look like that?

All around our property we've had plants emerging like the ones below:

I had no clue what they were and even e-mailed a picture to the Penn State Garden Extension, they've been really helpful with identifying other plants. They didn't even know for sure what it was and said to wait and take another picture when it's leaves are open. Well I couldn't wait, they were popping up everywhere. I wondered if it could be a weed? Thankfully the lady at work was able to help. She said,  "you've got Peonies and a lot of them."  I was thrilled! We've been watching them change over the last few weeks and we're starting to see that they are definitely Peonies.

I felt so dumb when I said, "no they couldn't possibly be Peonies because Peonies are big, fluffy flowers." That's when my co-worker said, " it's a Peony plant right now, everything is a plant before it's a flower." 

Hey I'm new at this, I've never been around such a variety of plants before. So in case you're like me and didn't know what a Peony plant looks like, now you do. The buds on the plants are getting bigger every day and I can't wait till they bloom!
What's your favorite plant that grows around your home?

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  1. Katherine, Looks like we have the same garden. I'm so happy that you have both Bleeding Heart and Peonies blooming. I just took a bunch of photos of pink peonies in my yard. Your photos are beautiful and it makes me happy to think of another friend, crawling around in the garden taking pictures. I love the series of pictures showing the different stages of the peony. And those vibrant pink azaleas are gorgeous. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Beautiful colorful pictures :). Love it!

  3. We literally have a giant green bush that grows nothing. haha. Oh well.


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