July 25, 2013

Reusable Poufs and Giveaway

Yesterday I posted all about my recent journey for ridding my home of paper towels & napkins and using cloth only. I've felt very convicted recently about my personal waste. In case you missed it click HERE or keep scrolling down. A lot of this began when I ran out of cotton balls. I use a cotton ball every night to apply Grapeseed Oil to my face. Yes you read that correctly. Curious why? You can read all about it HERE. Anyway I was grumpy because I put cotton balls on the shopping list and my husband went shopping that week and forgot to pick them up, I was completely out.  It then hit me that I was willing to stop using paper towels and napkins but continued to throw away a cotton ball every night. Not to mention cotton balls come in a lovely plastic bag that also adds to the waste. I considered trying a wash cloth but it seemed too cumbersome for applying a little oil to my face and I was also concerned it would hold bacteria and get nasty fast. I started to do some research and thinking and that's when I found these.

They are perfect in every way! Made out of organic unbleached cotton flannel they are so soft. I feel like I'm having a spa experience every time I use them. They are hand crafted by the talented mother & daughter team over at Juniper Seed Mercantile. They clean really well and are durable. The poufs even come with a washbag so that when you launder them they stay together. 

I actually haven't even used the wash bag yet. I use one side of the pouf to apply oil to my face then I rinse it out and hang it to dry on my towel rack.  They come clean so easily I was shocked. Then I use the other side the following night. After I've used one pouf a few times I stick it in the wash bag, the wash bag still isn't full yet since I keep washing them in the sink and reusing them. This routine has worked really well for me.   

Did I mention that they send a sample with every purchase? I got the cutest little container of facial cleanser, it was such a surprise. This stuff is awesome! I'm sold and can't wait to try out more of their products.

That brings me to a BIG announcement! One of you lucky people will get to try these products for yourself. The wonderful ladies at Juniper Seed Mercantile have graciously offered to giveaway a set of poufs to one of you!!!! I thought this was perfect timing considering I'm getting ready to launch the Unpaper Swap August 1st. 

Here's how you can enter the giveaway:

#1 Head on over to the Juniper Seed Mercantile on Etsy and then comment below telling me which product you would love to try the most. 

#2 If you're a follower leave a comment letting me know and you'll be entered for another chance.

#3 Share the giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, on your own blog... comment letting me know how you shared. 

**********************Giveaway CLOSES at Midnight on July 30th**********************

Disclaimer: I ordered these products myself and fell in love so I couldn't wait to share them with you. The only thing that Juniperseed Mercantile gave for free is this giveaway to 1 lucky reader. Thanks to JM for being so awesome!


  1. For my next pregnancy, I would love to try the Mother's Belly Balm! It sounds super convenient and like it would be such a relief!!

  2. The " Ecofriendly Alternative to Disposable Facial Poufs - Organic Unbleached Cotton Birdseye Rounds With BONUS Wash Bag" would be a first pick-but everything looked awesome. (I too use cottonballs and was thinking of alternatives)

    1. Congrats Elizabeth! You won. You are going to love these poufs. When I click on your comment there is no contact info for you. Please contact me at creatingthroughlife@gmail.com within the next couple days or I'll have to choose another winner. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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