July 30, 2013

Tidbit Tuesday (keeping greens fresh)

Tis the season for farmers markets. I hope you have a local one that you can enjoy. I adore farmers markets, we go every week.  It's always a surprise to see what's newly sprouted and it's such a joy to interact with the farmers. I love supporting their hard work. This is really the first year we've bought so much at the farmers market. At least half of our food budget is spent there.

We can't seem to get enough of the heirloom cherry tomatoes, lettuce and basil. We've been eating a variety of big salads lately and constantly mmmmming over the goodness of the ingredients. If you've never put fresh basil on your salad you are really missing out. It adds such a depth of flavor.

I remember when I first bought lettuce at the farmers market, I was shocked that the roots were still on. How silly right!?!? I don't remember ever seeing roots on lettuce before... I decided that I would just put the lettuce in a jar of water like you would a bouquet of flowers.

It works! Not only is it beautiful but the lettuce lasts. There's only 2 people to feed in our house and usually that means buying fresh means buying frequent. I can't tell you how many times in the past we've bought a bag of lettuce only for it to go bad a few days later. This lettuce in a jar of water lasts for over a week! I've been doing it with other greens too. Like the basil. Even things with no roots seem to last much longer this way. I just make sure the steams only are in the water. I leave the jars right out on the counter although you could probably put them in the fridge if you feel like they are starting to go, to extend the life even longer.

How do you keep your produce fresh? By the way the winner of the poufs giveaway is Elizabeth! You are going to LOVE them. I'm sad that not very many people entered the giveaway. Everybody must be enjoying the last days of summer instead of reading blogs and I don't blame you one bit. Make sure you stop by Juniper Seed Mercantile sometime, they've got some amazing products.


  1. I've never seen roots on lettuces - the ones I've bought anyway. What a great idea and decorative too and so is the pup in the photo!

    1. Yes my pup Blanca is very talented at photo bombing :)


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