August 1, 2013

Unpaper Swap

August has arrived and it's going to be full of a lot of fun around here. After all it is the month this lovely space was created 3 years ago. You may have seen the save the date image that's been floating around. It's finally here the 1st Annual Unpaper Swap! Who's invited? Well EVERYONE of course. You many be thinking OK this is all about swapping out the paper products in my house for cloth. Well sorta... I definitely hope to inspire that type of thinking but the only way to use less paper is to have more cloth available. Hence the swap.

Have you ever been part of a swap on another blog before? They are so much fun. I participate in the calendar swap every year over at Design Crush. The idea is that you sign up by sending over your contact information to me (  then I will send you back another person's contact info. You get to know them via their blog, their favorite blog or e-mail and pick out an unpaper product you think they would like and ship it off to them. In return you get gifted with a surprise something too. It's pure awesomeness.

Still wondering what an unpaper product is?

It's not really that complicated. It's something you would use in place of a paper napkin or towel. Some families use both or some just use paper towels for everything. The point is to get a new set of cloth to enjoy. How often do we buy these things for ourselves? Especially with back to school madness happening. By having a little more cloth available hopefully you will reach for it instead of paper.  If you still have questions check out the "Unpaper Swap" tab at the top. Feel free to share this event with your friends, the more the merrier. Starting today each week during the month of August I will be sharing different ideas that you could get for your swap-mate. Read all about the first idea below and a chance to enter a giveaway.


I love these towels and the message behind them. PeopleTowels' initiative is for these towels to be used as an on-the-go alternative to paper towels in public facilities. They say that, "if you switch to PeopleTowels for 1 year you will save 1/4 of a tree, conserve 250 gallons of water, cut carbon emissions by 34 lbs and reduce landfill waste by 23 lbs."  You can read more about the impact of paper towel use  here.

These towels are soft and absorbent. They can be used for way more than just drying hands. I keep them in the kitchen ready for whatever need may arise. They are PERFECT for putting in a lunchbox. Kids love showing them off at school. The towels come in lots of fun designs, all printed with eco-friendly dyes.

These towels can be quite the conversation starter. They are big enough for kitchen messes and small enough to take on the go. The little loop on the top makes it easy to attach to a backpack, purse or diaper bag.

Here's the best part! PeopleTowels is giving away a 3 pack of towels to one of you delightful readers. The giveaway runs through the entire month of August. Here's how you can enter the giveaway:

-Check out the PeopleTowels' website & comment below sharing which design is your favorite 
-Everyone who joins the unpaper swap will be entered
-Share the unpaper swap on your blog, facebook, twitter....and let me know how
-Comment below letting me know you're a follower and you get another chance


Disclaimer: PeopleTowels did send me the "once upon a time" towel pictured above. They are not reimbursing me for this in any other way than providing a giveaway to my readers. 


  1. I can see where kids would like people towels. A wonderful way to use less paper and save a tree.

    1. Hi Brenda! Will you be joining the swap?

    2. No,sorry not this time. Maybe I'll be up for a future one. Thanks.

  2. My favorites are the "love" and "sustain" towels! I would love to be a part of the swap! I will send you our current address!

  3. My favorite is the "We hate to waste - plaid"

  4. I shared your Unpaper swap on my Facebook. :)

  5. I like the Locally Grown design. It reminds me of simpler times.

    1. I like that one too! I just realized I e-mailed you but that it was to a no reply account because you don't have an e-mail attached to your name. Please provide me with an e-mail so that I can put you down for a chance to wine the 3-pack of PeopleTowels. Are you joining the swap?

  6. I like the Locally Grown design. This summer I am spending more money at local farmers markets than at grocery stores. Changing something through everyday activities that everybody does several times a day, like eating or drying hands, is the most powerful thing. And it almost doesn't require any effort. It's even fun.


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