August 20, 2013

A Day on the Farm

We live in an old Farmhouse. I often have to ask myself is this real, do I really live here? It's such a special place. I often think about what it would have been like 100 years ago, when it was an actual working farm. When they had an ice harvesting operation in the pond just behind the house. There are all kinds of reminders and memories we have found of the past. I'm so curious to find out more of this farm's history.

Unfortunately our farm is not a working one today. Although I have dreams of goats and chickens roaming freely. We have plenty of other animals that make up for it though. I have yet to be surprised by things we've observed and experienced while living here. The animal kingdom is drawn to our property. It might be the creek that runs behind our home flowing from the pond which bubbles from a natural spring. Or maybe it's the apple trees and other plant life. Maybe it's just God that draws them in. I believe God knows the desires of our hearts and I absolutely adore animals. I feel so close to Him and so blessed when I'm experiencing His creativity, His work of art first hand.

Recently we had a Sandhill Crane visit.

He was so graceful and very aware. 

He didn't like being watched. 

So he didn't stay long. 

We have a stone wall along our garage. The craftsmanship of this wall is incredible. It's beautiful to me.
I wonder how far it extended before the garage was built next to it? I wonder why it's there? 
Did it retain cattle or sheep? Did it hold ice from a recent harvest, 
storing it until those from the community could pick it up? 

      One day we discovered it was an excellent hiding place for a creature. 
Do you see it? Look closer.

Still don't know what it is? 

Even though I adore animals, I'm not a huge fan of snakes.
 Isn't it so fascinating though!?!
 Let's just say I'll never look at that stone wall the same way again. 

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  1. I know most snakes are harmless, but they're not an animal that I'd want to live with. There are some stone walls like that in Kentucky in the horse farm area. They're a bit different though. Yours reminds me of ones I'd see in places like Wales which has lots of sheep.

    When I was little I always lived on a farm and we loved it. I'm looking forward to visiting my sister in Ohio who lives on a big farm. They do have soybean fields that they rent out. They themselves don't work the farm. My brother-im-law has some dwarf chickens that he has to keep in a cage because the hawks or some other animal would get them otherwise. Of his regular chickens, he only has two roosters left.


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