August 5, 2013

Olive Oil & Fruit

Have you ever put olive oil on fruit before? I mean the good stuff. If not you're missing out. A while ago I found a citrus salad recipe that called for a drizzle of olive oil, it was delicious. Since then I've added a drizzle of olive oil to all sorts of fresh fruit. My favorite has been strawberries.

When I buy fresh fruit I usually clean and chop it up then leave it in a big bowl inside the fridge. That way it's convenient for us to just scoop out.  I notice a lot of times when we're hungry for a snack we reach for what's most convenient. Sometimes peeling an orange and getting your hands all messy doesn't sound worth it. It's so much easier to peel & slice all those oranges at once and have them ready for you when you want some. Is olive oil on fruit common in other cultures? It's new to me.

Cantaloupe is in season and I got a huge one over the weekend. It's so juicy and delightful on its own. I added just a little olive oil and some fresh mint which really made it special. 
Olive oil is so good for you so, I like to sneak it in where I can. I really enjoy tasting the flavor of the olive oil when paired with fruit. There are no huge flavors competing like in salads loaded with onion or veggies with garlic. It's just pure simple goodness. 


  1. We don't eat fruit salads, so no we don't put oil on fruit. Of course, olive oil is the favourite oil for cooking in Spain. I'm a garlic lover too and wish cantalope was easier to find here. Hope I get to have some in September. Fruit is certainly refreshing in summer as well as gazpacho. I always have that in the fridge in the summer.

  2. MMMM I love gazpacho! I hope you get your hands on some Cantaloupe, it's definitely one of our favorite fruits. When we lived in Colorado they had the famous Rocky Ford cantaloupe and we were spoiled. Now it never quite tastes the same but it's still a favorite.


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