January 21, 2014

Squirrel Appreciation Day

How did I not know that this day existed? I adore squirrels! You might remember some of the pictures I took in PA, you can find them HERE.

Today January 21st is a day set aside every year to appreciate squirrels. After all many of you have anything but appreciation for these adorable critters. Sometimes we tend to focus on negative qualities but today at least try to think about the positive qualities of squirrels. You can find out more about Squirrel Appreciation Day at Mother Nature Network. Also if you're looking for a really fun project head on over to Pleasure in Simple Things where she shared a fun mason jar tutorial. That's actually how I learned about this special day I saw some adorable pictures on her instagram feed.

This is the perfect opportunity to share with you some pictures I've captured of our new squirrel friends.
I have to admit I was pretty hardbroken when I knew that moving to Colorado meant not having as many trees or as much property. I wondered if I would have a place to hang the squirrel feeder my SIL gave me and if I did would I actually be able to see it and it enjoy from some good vantage points.
We have a tree right outside the window in our dinning room so that's where I hung the feeder. We watched for days and days and nothing happened. I didn't know if there were many squirrels in our neighborhood especially with all the coyotes roaming around. Soon enough though right when I needed a smile an adorable squirrel came along to enjoy the feeder.
You might wonder why I adore squirrels so much. It might sound strange but I feel like they're my little sign of hope. They bring me joy every time I see them.
They remind me that I need to save up for my future and think ahead.
It always seems that squirrels show up when I need a smile the most or a distraction. Once when I was teaching I had a VERY challenging situation and I was getting no support. One of my students would actually have violent fits. In that classroom I had the biggest window I've ever had it actually went all the way to the ground. When this student would have fits and I would feel discouraged and almost break down in tears. I would look out that window and there would be a squirrel or two dancing around. This is no joke! Every time it would make me smile. I know you're thinking squirrels are everywhere. In this situation there were no trees and it was a parking lot so it wasn't the squirrels top pick for hanging around. Another example of my sign of hope was when I ran my first race. Every time I felt like walking and giving up there would be a squirrel in the path right in front of me. I could keep telling stories but I'm afraid that I you might just think I'm more and more crazy.
You've got to admit that squirrels can be so much fun to watch?
The least you can do is appreciate them today and maybe put out a special treat for them. Food can be scarce this time of year and some of you are getting some really bad weather right now which means our wildlife could really use another food source.
Even ABC news is honoring squirrels today. Check out these entertaining videos: Honoring Amazing Squirrels on Their Day - ABC News

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  1. This reminds me of a lovely little town in Ohio that loves squirrels. They have both live ones and statues of squirrels all over the town. Last September we saw a black one. He was funny to watch.


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