January 28, 2014

Valentine's Decorations

Do you decorate for the holidays or seasons? I think it's fun to decorate throughout the year. Often times it's as simple as putting a different wreath on the door. As for decorating my front door I did something different than a wreath. I love a unique front door. We painted the one at our last house bright red. I always wanted to paint my next front door bright yellow. Although I don't think that will work this time. I think my front door was hand carved and wood burned; I really wish I knew the story. It's a gorgeous door so I'm hesitant to put anything over it.
My friend got me a wreath for Christmas and there was already a nail on the door so I hung it and it looked great. I have other wreaths but they seemed as if they would detract from the doors beauty or just blend in. I feel like the outside of my house is so brown and really needs some life and painting the front door always helps but I'm at a loss because I just don't think that this is the kind of door to be painted. Anyway, I wanted to hang something seasonal so I scrounged around my crafty stuff and decided to make an embroidery hanging out of materials I already had. It's hung so that I can still see out the peep hole and it's not too big to where it covers the detail of the door. I really like the hanging but I'm still trying to decide if it looks best on the door.
Here's how I made the embroidery hoop hanging.

We've really made an effort to get settled in this new home  instead of live in a project zone. So we've been putting things up and decorating. We will do projects one room at a time and will just take things down as needed. We really feel more settled doing things this way. We have a mantle in this house which is very exciting! I always admired other peoples mantles and thought it would be fun to have one that I could change up every so often.
I'm thrilled with how well the plant on my mantle is thriving. It's a very special plant, I'll have to share it's story in another post.

To me Valentine's Day isn't about Romance or having a significant other. It's a reminder to Love. Loving others should come naturally and it sounds pretty simple but it's not always. I am reminded during this season to love my neighbor as myself and to show intentional love.
I was inspired to make the banner on my mantle by Kristen @ Ella Claire. I had an old hymnal book that worked perfectly for the pinwheels. I thought it was a fun project so I wanted to share it; I sent out an invite for some friends to come over and have dessert and make their own. It was a fun night. Everyone made their banner's a little different which was fun to see.

That's one thing I learned from our first house is to fill your home with people. I feel like before I was so excited to have my first house that I just wanted to make it perfect the way I saw it in my head. I was hesitant to have people over or it stressed me out because my home wasn't how I envisioned it to be. None of that matters though. We are created for relationships. So no matter what kind of space you have fill it with people! Speaking of that I would love to host more craft nights in the future. I'm not sure how many of you actually live in my area but if you're near Denver,Colorado  and you would be interested in participating in a craft night shoot me an e-mail so we can connect.

Get those Love decorations up so that you and your family can enjoy them!

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  1. Love your door,especially with your dog looking out, and love your crafts too.


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