February 11, 2014

Fancy Fridges, Decal Review & a Giveaway

Our new home has what I would consider a fancy fridge. I know there are probably much fancier fridges out there but I've never had a fridge like this before. It must be fancy because the previous owners wanted to take it with them but thankfully we were able to negotiate it in.
What makes this fridge so fancy you might ask. Well it's stainless steel and big. We haven't had stainless steel appliances before so it's exciting for us. It's the little things right? Our dishwasher doesn't match but we can't have everything can we? My husband was at the house during the inspection and the Realtor pointed out that this fancy fridge we worked hard to negotiate into the deal had some dents in the door. No problem, we would just cover it with magnets, photos, shopping lists, coupons or the other various items that find there way to front and center of the fridge. Not so fast, the Realtor said, most stainless refrigerators are not magnetic, usually you can only put magnets on the side. So she got one of her special Realtor magnets out and sure enough, according to my husband, it didn't stick. This really annoyed me. Since when is stainless steel not magnetic? Maybe you were already aware of this but just in case you weren't, SURPRISE, you might not be able to utilize those millions of random magnets you've collected over the years.

I've been brainstorming ideas for how to hang things on the front of my fridge. I didn't want anything that would leave a residue and I wanted to have the option to easily remove it. I specifically wanted a calendar for my fridge. I finally decided that a decal would be the perfect solution. I found some decals that I really liked on Etsy at looksugar. I liked their chalkboard decals but I wondered how clean it would look after I wrote on it? I wondered if it would work on my fridge? I decided to go with a narrow house shaped chalkboard calendar  because I knew the dimensions were perfect for one of my fridge doors.

The funny thing is a couple days after I ordered this calendar I was moving a magnet around on the side of the fridge and accidentally started to drop it. It ended up sticking to the front of the fridge. I was confused and upset that I actually believed my husband and the Realtor and didn't just try a magnet myself. Apparently the magnet they used wasn't a very strong one. What I've learned is that some stainless steel refrigerators are magnetic and some aren't it depends how much nickle and other random metals are used in the mix. I still ended up getting the chalkboard decal calendar but much to my surprise it didn't look like a calendar at all. Apparently the image on looksugar is giving you the idea that you can write on it to make it look like a calendar. By the way if you get a decal make sure you lay it out and put something heavy onto to help flatten it out from shipping.

So I contacted the company and asked why what I purchased is called a calendar. They were very quick to apologize and concluded there was a communication problem. This company really went out of their way to make sure I was a happy costumer and asked me what the dimensions were of my fridge. 
They customized a calendar for me!
My calendar turned out awesome! It even covers the dents in the fridge perfectly. I will say this particular decal was more challenging to apply because it was a lot of little pieces. They provide very clear and detailed instructions though on how to apply the decals.

They even sent some chalk pens which I highly recommend. They write smoothly and erase with a damp cloth. Don't get the extra fine chalk pens, they don't write as smooth and tend to splatter because of the texture of the decal. Here's an example of the two pens:
I'm really impressed with the quality of the decal. It's not flimsy and cleans with ease leaving no chalk build up behind. 
Not only did looksugar customize a calendar for me but they also sent along my second favorite decal that I could give away to one of my lucky readers! One of you will receive the Rooster Chalkboard Wall Decal and 1 chalk pen!!!!!

Here are a few ways to enter the giveaway, each one will get you an entry: 
  • Comment below telling me where you would put the rooster decal if you win
  • Comment below letting me know you follow my blog
  • Go to looksugar's shop and tell me what your favorite decal is
  • Share this giveaway on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram...and let me know


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  1. By the way, as a Waldorf teacher, chalk is a very important medium; I would love to have this rooster on my fridge so I could practice my skills - which are minimal!


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