February 22, 2014

Special Plants

In case you haven't figured it out yet I'm a lover of nature. Since I can't be outdoors all the time I try to bring it inside as much as I can. I enjoy having houseplants. I've always brought plants into my work environment too, whether it be a classroom or an office. The challenge of caring for them, watching them grow and change through the seasons brings me joy.
Of course having an outdoor garden to tend to is amazing.  Just about every place I've lived I attempted some type of garden; even in an apartment with no yard. I found living in Pennsylvania was a dream come true for any plant lover. The variety of plants that grow there is astounding. I feel like living there on that property in that house was all a dream. Sometimes my heart aches remembering it all. I'm so thankful it wasn't a dream and that I really got to experience everything.

I was able to bring the majority of my indoor plants with me when we drove to Colorado. I had them carefully packed together in a laundry basket and crate. They were nestled tightly in the back seat. If we had to stop over night the plants were brought inside with us. The Wandering Jew was the plant I was most concerned about. He has long, very fragile arms that easily get tangled up.

I know some of you might be thinking, this is a little much for some plants but each one of my plants is special and has a story. I didn't know how well any of the plants would do considering they got use to living in a sun-room with a humid climate. So far they are all doing well.

One of my plants is a Bonsai Tree that was given to me by some coworkers when I had to take leave for surgery. This tree is so special because I used to have one just like it, you can read that story HERE and some of my past struggles with plants when I first lived in Colorado.
That Wondering Jew I mentioned earlier was left behind on one of the many hooks in the sun-room of our farmhouse. It was just about completely dried out. Who knows how long it was abandoned for. I gave it a good trim and lots of TLC and it came right back to life. The farmhouse was the first home we bought and have so many fond memories there.
Many of the other plants I've had have similar stories of being lifeless and then miraculously coming back to life. It's hard for me to resist those dying clearance plants. I love the challenge of reviving them.
The plant above and below was a cutting from one of my grandmother's plants and is even planted in a pot that was hers. I'm not sure what kind of plant it is.  I know it's grown and spread a lot since moving to Colorado so it must really like the climate here.
My parents have sent me some gorgeous plant arrangements over the years. Since we live far apart it's their way of adding to a celebration. I always try to see how long I can keep these arrangements living. Sometimes they're not meant to live past a couple weeks. Other times they can easily be transferred to another container.

When I had my first laproscopic surgery I was pretty nervous. My mom had helped me recently get through my knee surgery so she wasn't able to make it for this surgery. She did send a basket full of vibrant plants.
They brought such cheer to my room as I laid on the bed recovering. One of those plants I was able to re-pot and I still have it today. I have no clue what kind of plant it is. I do know it's been healthy and growing through 2 moves! One from Nebraska to Pennsylvania and the most recent from Pennsylvania to Colorado.
It always blooms this time of year, which is around the same time I had both laproscopic surgeries.
I'm surprised every time I see the first bloom. It's the middle of winter, snow is usually on the ground. Winter blues begin to creep in. Then the questions begin. Will my health last? What's my identity? Will I ever feel settled?  I take one look at this beautiful blooming plant and I feel HOPE. I feel LOVED.
Plants can be an amazing source of healing. Next time you consider giving the gift of flowers think about giving some that can be replanted or give a potted plant instead. One of my favorite plants to give is an aloe plant, they are super easy to care for. You can read all about decorating a pot for gift giving HERE.

Are you looking forward to Spring as much as I am? I'm getting Spring fever bad and it's way too early for that.


  1. Are you growing any herbs for cooking? My Colorado friend keeps hers on her enclosed sun porch, bringing them into the house when the temperature gets too cold. Your photos are glorious, as always!

    1. No I haven't tried growing any herbs yet. Unfortunately I don't have a screened in porch. My house is South facing so everything in the front gets LOTS of sun and my porch in the backs gets very little sun. I did put a plant on my front porch and it died :(

  2. That pink plant is a Kalanchoe. (cal - an - co -e )

    1. Thanks! I wondered if it was some type of succulent.


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