May 21, 2014

Spring So Far

I have a hard time picking favorites but I sure do love Spring. A time when the days our longer and we go on a walk just about every evening after dinner outside on the patio, when the flowers are in bloom, the birds are singing and dirt is frequently under my nails. Hence the reason why I haven't spent much time blogging but I sure have missed you all.

I haven't accomplished all that I want to with my yard this year but we get a little done at a time. We've planted a few Aspen trees and some pepper and tomato plants. The most spectacular Spring I've ever experienced was at my farmhouse in PA. That yard was was like a jungle and something new was always blooming all the way until late summer. I sure miss that place but I'm thankful to experience something new. This is our first Spring at our new home in Colorado and it sure has kept us on our toes. It's always a waiting game to see what will pop up and where.

Tulips have been the main flower popping up in our yard. They've even been coming up in the rocks. I'm going to have to figure out how to separate them. Any advice? I wasn't sure if this should be done in the fall and how I would remember where they all were. We've had a few other surprise flowers make appearances too.

And we've got some lovely blooming trees, including one crab apple. 

Much to our surprise we also have an established strawberry patch. Unfortunately it's not filling out and I'm not sure if it's because the dogs keep walking over it or because it might need some more filler plants. It's so exciting to see the plants bloom!
Just when things were really starting to bloom and had almost reached peek this happened.

On Mother's Day of all days. The day they say in Colorado is finally safe to starting planting.
I felt like this Spring snow was worse than any snow we had gotten all Winter long.
I was really worried about the birds. They couldn't even get to the food if they wanted to.
I couldn't help but wonder if Spring would survive. Would we enjoy any more blooms? What about the trees? The branches were bending and breaking all over the place due to the weight.

The next post I'll share what's been happening since the snow. I'll share my favorite place that I get out in nature regularly. This place helps me stay sane living in a neighborhood and city.


  1. It snowed in the mountains of Madrid on Tuesday night and possibly last night. It looks like spring has decided to take a break, and I'm thinking of putting the winter quilt back on the bed. Thanks fior sharing your lovely photos.

    1. Yikes! I just took one of the blankets off my bed. I hope things start warming up again around there.


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