April 28, 2014

Nana's Fruit Salad

I usually make this for Easter but it's a sweet finish for any occasion. My husband refers to it as ambrosia salad which I thought always had sour cream in it. This does not have sour cream and my family has always lovingly referred to it as Nana's fruit salad. It's quite simple to make and everyone loves it especially kids. This Easter I ended up with lots of leftovers I think everyone was in a food coma after the meal so they had no room for dessert. It also seems like people can be picky about coconut so if you don't like it just leave it out. What made this years batch extra fun was the adorable bunny marshmallows I found.
I love using the shaped marshmallows! 
Just make sure that the marshmallows you use are the regular vanilla flavor. 
Isn't it pretty? I've often considered using a variety of fresh fruits for this
 instead of canned but the canned makes it so quick and easy. 
 Enjoy the recipe!

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