April 10, 2014

This will make you smile

We recently fostered some puppies for a couple nights, you might have seen quite a few pictures on my Instagram feed. These puppies were just too cute not to share. Originally we thought we would just foster one puppy since we already have two big dogs but the rescue had 2 sisters that shouldn't be separated yet. If they have siblings they like to keep them in pairs as long as possible so they can comfort each other. 
This rescue program is such a great idea. A lot of puppies come from other states that have kill shelters meaning if they are there over a certain period of time they will just be killed. Volunteers foster the puppies until adoption day where most of them get adopted because they are just too irresistible. If they aren't adopted a new family fosters again until the next adoption day. If you're in the market to get a puppy you should see if there is a program in your area to volunteer for. It's a great way to see which puppy would be a great fit for your family. If you're not in the market for a puppy you could at least get a puppy fix for a couple nights. 
They have those adorable pudgy bellies and make the cutest faces. Even though they're still learning where to go to the bathroom you learn their behaviors pretty quick and of course just take them out every hour at least. 
Can you tell this sister was the mischievous one? She was very active, much more talkative and always playing.
This puppy I would often loose. At first I was worried but then I realized she was just finding a quiet place to take a nap. She loved to snuggle up with shoes or under the sofa. 
Of course when I let them outside she was much more of an explorer. 
This was probably their first time being in an outdoor open space like this. They were very fascinated by the spring snow that was leftover and they loved climbing on the rocks. 
I love the way puppies run.
Blanca's teaching the puppy to sit. 
Princeton taught the puppies bad habits like how to eat plants.

The big dogs also play rough and frequently wrestle. The puppies were scared at first 
but soon they joined in the fun and wrested each other. 

By far one of the cutest things was watching them sleep and snuggle up together. 
Watching them eat was pretty cute too. They would try to fit as much of themselves in the bowl as they could. 

I wouldn't blame you if you wanted a puppy now. I was sad when we took them to adoption day but I'm happy that someone else will get to enjoy them. Don't forget to see if there's a rescue in your area you can volunteer with. It will make your heart so happy. 


  1. They are the cutest!!! You are such a special family to foster puppies-someone will definately give them their forever homes. We have two sweet girls we adopted from our local shelter. Your photos are just adorable!

  2. Thanks Sue! That's awesome that you've adopted two. Pets are so wonderful!

  3. I hope someone takes the two of them. They are ao sweet!


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