April 21, 2014

Easter Celebration & Asparagus Salad

Now that we live in Colorado again we are far away from our families. We are thankful that we have friends that are like family to celebrate with on the holidays. We generally invite people over who also don't have family near by. We will use just about any excuse to share good food. What better day to share food and celebrate than on Easter. To me it's a day to remember the great sacrifice that was paid for me and the miracle resurrection that took place. My parents send the most beautiful flowers every Easter as a way to celebrate with us.
I'm not super traditional when it comes to what I fix for an Easter meal. I like to try new recipes and change things up. One thing I make sure to always have no mater the occasion is deviled eggs. THESE Smoked Salmon Deviled eggs are my favorite.
I tried making a couple new salads this year. I like to choose recipes that I can make ahead so that I'm not cooking the day of the celebration.  Did you see my tomato salad on Instagram? Not only was it tasty but it was super cute and resembled a bouquet of tulips.

I also made an Asparagus Salad that I really enjoyed. For this salad you cut the asparagus into small rounds and leave it raw, which is a unique format for this veggie.  The vinegar that's added makes for the perfect bite. Overall it was a big hit and people were definitely very surprised that it was raw asparagus.
 This simple and delicious salad can be found HERE thanks to Anne Burrell.

Another salad that I usually make that's a sweet finish to the meal is my Nana's Fruit Salad.
I'll share this recipe next time.
I hope that whether you celebrate Easter or not that you had a wonderful weekend and were able to spend some time with those you cherish! 

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