July 3, 2014

2 in 1 sewing jar

If you don't remember my sweet sewing machine Raven you can read about her HERE. I've been having a great time teaching myself to sew. Practice, practice, practice seems to be the key. There have been many mistakes along the way and some things that didn't turn out exactly like I intended but it's so satisfying to sew something up. I even made my first quilt!
By the way I thought doing a quilt in long strips might be easier but I was wrong. Is it just me? My next one will be smaller pieces then I'll be able to really compare.

One thing I've learned is the importance of keeping a tidy sewing area. I guess I'm a bit messy when I'm creative. I leave things out and all over the place. It's really annoying when you're sewing though and you've got those pesky strings sticking to everything and pins rolling all over the place. I accidentally stepped on a pin once and that was no fun. My SIL gave me a great idea. Maybe this isn't new to you sewing experts but it's new to me so I figured I would share just in case it would help anyone else out. She said to keep a jar beside your sewing machine to put your strings in as you sew. I thought that was brilliant but also realized I needed another place for my pins that's when the 2 in 1 sewing jar was created.
These  types of jars are all over Pinterest. They make the cutest way to package a mini sewing kit for a gift idea. I just never thought of making one to keep my sewing area tidy. I came up with two ways to keep the pins on top. One way is to make a pin cushion using a scrap piece of fabric, foam, and the lid of the jar. The other way is to simply add magnets. 
All I did was add magnets to the bottom of the lid then the pins stick right to the top. It seems like it's much quicker for me when sewing to just place the pins right on top of the magnetic version instead of sticking them in the cushion. Although that's another huge thing I've been learning through my sewing journey is to SLOW DOWN. I tend to get overly excited about new projects and find myself rushing. 

So if your sewing space is in need of a little tidying up consider putting together one of these jars. Do you have any other ideas on keeping your sewing space tidy? I'd love to hear them. 

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