September 23, 2011

Happy 1st Day of Autumn

Do you prefer the word Autumn or Fall? When I taught a classroom full of students who were still learning the English language I found out quickly how confusing some words can be. Think of how many different ways you can use the word fall. I think I prefer Autumn since it has only one meaning.  Besides I find it to sound much more beautiful.

 I'm always excited when this time of year rolls around because acorns and squirrels can often be found in abundance, while during other seasons you hardly see them at all. In my house there are touches of Autumn that can be found year round. I adore all things squirrely! I recently found a metal acorn basket that is filled with fall scented gourds and pine cones. I'm excited that I can I can open it and fill it with other interesting things.

Below is a picture of my baby girl Blanca and next to her is my Friendship Squirrel. It was a gift from my wonderful sister-in-law. This is the first thing that we put out when we move to a new place and it always sits in the window to welcome visitors.

I even have a squirrel sitting on top of my bookcase. He's a beautiful squirrel made of tin. 

Is there something that you adore that's displayed throughout your house?

I will leave you with a memory of Autumn in Colorado. A picture of gorgeous Aspen trees that's leaves are turning a brilliant golden. If you have never seen the Rockies during this season I recommend it!

I couldn't choose just one picture :)

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