September 6, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday (white clothes)

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I hope you all had a  Lovely Labor Day yesterday! I decided that today's tidbit should have something to do with Labor Day. I find it fascinating that every year this holiday rolls around there is another great debate about the color white. It must just give people something to talk about because I find it to be quite silly talk.

Apparently Labor Day marks the last official day of summer and the last day that white should be worn. This tradition actually started for many reasons the main one being practicality. Before modern cooling devices were invented during the summer months people would often wear white to keep themselves cooler. When fall and winter come along the weather changes and things usually get wet and muddy. It's not really considered the ideal time to wear a big white long sleeve dress.

Sure with today's fashion you could pull off some white. I would say that white tops would be easier to pull off then shoes or pants. The point is that it's not about "fashion" its about being PRACTICAL. When is the last time you heard a debate about what kind of hat men should wear after Labor Day?  This holiday also marked a tradition for gentlemen to switch from a straw summertime hat to a felt hat. It just makes sense doesn't it?

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