March 19, 2012

A Sunday Adventure

It's really hard to believe we've been living in Nebraska for 9 months now. It's been challenging for us to find things to enjoy on the weekends. We feel like we've tried just about everything there is to try. The local "trails" have been frequented by our family many times, everything just feels the same and it's getting old fast. We love to do stuff that includes Blanca, our doggy, especially since she doesn't have a yard of her own to enjoy here.

I've been telling my husband that I want to go to Lincoln but he's been a few times and he keeps telling me there is nothing different there and every thing is the same. Let's just say it's been challenging to stay positive and motivated. We have adventurous spirits, love to travel and enjoy the outdoors. Our spirits have been deflated a little bit since we've been here. After much prodding I finally convinced him it would be good to try something new that included the dog. So to the Greater Lincoln Obedience Club 3rd Annual Canine Carnival we went. It took about an hour to get there. Blanca loves to take trips, although I think she was a bit sad that we didn't bring her pack on this trip. This event was not like anything we've ever done before.

There were so many dogs to sniff and lots of distractions. They had all kinds of fun games for dogs and their owners to participate in. Like pin the tail on the cat. The goal was to get your dog to sit on the target. Blanca managed to sit all around the target. It was hilarious. The dog would get either a treat or a token for playing the game. The tokens could be traded for toys and more treats!

That's a picture of Blanca playing the hidden treat game. It was too funny to be at a doggy carnival I kept laughing the whole time. We were a little out of our comfort zones. Blanca's not use to so many dogs and distractions.  Not to mention she's very vocal so she growled and her hair stood up a few times. She's the sweetest girl but sometimes people are intimidated by her. She just loves to play and be free. From the time she was just a baby girl we would take her on adventures. This was a different kind of adventure that we had never experienced before. She enjoys being outside and being free. 

We were a little disappointed that with the beautiful weather we've been having that some of the events weren't held outside. But I guess it's not usually this nice in Nebraska in March. We continued to have fun participating in the Doggy Cake Walk and Fido Says. I was hoping to enter Blanca in the best smile contest but when I went to sign up they were taking names for the doggy look-a-like contest. So I signed up my husband because I think Blanca looks more like him than me. Let's just say he wasn't exactly thrilled that I didn't communicate that one with him first.

That was a picture of Blanca waiting for the contest to begin. Doesn't she have a pretty smile? She got a free bandana to wear. Isn't that teal color lovely? I suppose we should have gone with a more "girly" color. We aren't really pink kinda girls though. I did end up caving a while back and getting a leash and collar with some pink in it because people kept thinking she was a boy...

My husband and Blanca were only up against two other dogs/owners. What do you think, who should have one? 

We all had a fun time at the carnival. I realized how funny I probably looked taking pictures of my dog playing games at a carnival but she's like our child. I'm sure many of you can relate to that feeling. Finally It was time to load back up and go get some ice cream which was what really convinced the Cookie Monster to take the trip to Lincoln.

The agriculture campus of the University of Nebraska has a dairy school and they apparently make amazing ice-cream and have a dairy store for the public. Unfortunately I have yet to try this ice-cream because the store is closed on Sundays. I guess we will have to go back sometime.

The campus was vacant so we let Blanca run around. She enjoyed chasing the squirrels while I enjoyed the old buildings and the pops of spring.

I adore Tulip Trees! There were only a few that were blooming. Lately I feel like I've been getting better at taking pictures. It seems like practice makes perfect. Unfortunately I realized when I got home my settings were all wrong. I'm not use to taking pictures on such a bright sunny day. I feel like they were overexposed. But I don't really know anything official about photography. I just have fun taking pictures.

Of course the Cookie Monster and well all of us were grumpy not having got our ice-cream so we had to find some food. We went to downtown Lincoln, I guess that's what they call it, and found us some Soul Food.

We found a place called Buzzard Billy's. Why did we choose the place? They had SWEET tea and hush-puppies. That is a rare thing to find in this part of the country!  Blanca enjoyed the outdoor seating with us. The food was good to my soul.

When we got home we went through Blanca's goodie bag and she played with her new toy. One of the bags of treats was not labeled. They were awfully colorful and looked like candy. We wondered if they were for dogs or humans. I tried one. It tasted like a Nerd. Would you have tried one?

We had a fun Sunday afternoon trying something new. It's always nice when the doggy can be included too. I'm looking forward to exploring more of Lincoln, after all I have to try that Ice cream.  Have you ever been to anything like a doggy carnival before? I would love to hear all about it.
Hope you have a great start to your week!

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  1. In case anyone was wondering, I came in second place. Just behind the dachshund. I was shocked I beat the floral combo.


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