May 4, 2012

Grass/Green Challenge

This weeks Leap into Spring Challenge is to capture Grass and or Green. If you missed last weeks Rain & Water challenge click here.

I've really been enjoying these challenges. It's so inspiring to see what others come up with and it's really helped me grow in my photography skills.

Those of you who've been reading my blog for any amount of time might have picked up on the fact that I really enjoy the great outdoors. As you can imagine since moving from Colorado to Nebraska the great outdoors has just not been the same.

We decided to load up and go to the only hiking trail that we know of within a few hours. It was a beautiful day. The new blades of grass were just starting to surface.

After a lovely day hiking I decided, possibly to your surprise, that I needed to get out of my comfort zone a little and take pictures of something besides landscapes and nature for the next challenge. So to the city I went.

Downtown Omaha has come alive in the recent days! I took Alicia's advice and planned to take pictures during the golden hour. You can read all about what she wrote on her blog HERE

The brown is almost completely gone and the green is taking over.

It was so much fun to take pictures during this time of day. The light was changing every minute.

The shadows that were made and the way they would stream through the buildings and trees was captivating.  

I love the contrast between the old buildings and the new green leaves. 


 There is something about the color green. It's so refreshing and good for the soul. 

Have you gone out and taken pictures during the golden hour yet? I highly recommend it! Which picture are you drawn to the most? I would have to say the last one is my favorite. 

Enjoy the Green!

Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge


  1. I do agree the contrast of the old buildings and green leaves make for beautiful pictures. I love shooting during the golden hours.

  2. I liked the shadow the tree cast on the leaf-covered brick wall, and I also liked the shadow you and your husband cast on the wall. I'm partial to green vines on buildings. Our house has vines on the front - something the previous owner did, but we have enjoyed for the past 25-plus years we've lived here. Our daughter lived in Omaha until last June. We enjoyed visiting there.

  3. Wow! You managed to find so much green! I'm really diggin the brick building with the vines and the added texture. My fav may be that first one with the sporadic clumpings of grass. Thanks so much for joining the Leap into Spring Challenge! Come back next week with a favorite spring photo for a chance at some fab prizes!


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