May 1, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday (Lost Photos)

We got back from our trip to the Carolinas. It was an amazing trip that filled our souls with much needed time with family and the beauty of the region. I can't wait to share all the pictures with you. I took a ton! Finding time to go through them all will be the tough part.

Speaking of pictures, this brings me to today's tidbit. Have you ever accidentally deleted pictures off your memory card?  I have, it was sad, my heart sunk. I tend to rush through things and multitask which is dangerous. I was clicking away late one night and BAM I deleted all the pictures off my memory card that I hadn't yet transferred to my computer.

After doing some research I discovered there is software available that can recover lost photos! Sounds too good to be true right. Well since it was so late and I was desperate, I took a chance and downloaded some software. I thought it was going to be a free trial and I was so excited when I started to see my lost pictures appear in the feed. This software actually recovered pictures I had taken months ago! It took a really long time for the software to recover all the photos and I was so sleepy I didn't know what I was doing.

I ended up going to sleep at 4am after realizing it could still take a while. When I woke up later that day I saw all my recovered photos the only catch was when I tried to transfer them I had to pay. It was $30 to completely recover my photos and get a license number. So I should be able to use the software in the future.

Have you ever tried anything like this before? It really works! It was a miracle to get those lost photos back! Here's what I did:

The software I downloaded is called Art Plus Digital Photo Recovery

Once I downloaded the software I inserted my memory card
 and the program started pulling up all my lost pictures. It was amazing!

This is something you're going to want to remember if you ever accidentally delete your beloved photos.

Hope you're having a Happy 1st day of May! 

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  1. good to know, I have to tell my husband about this, cool thank you!!! awesome tidbit:)


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