May 11, 2012

Photo Challenge Finale and a Sneak Peek

This week is the Leap into Spring Photo Challenge Finale. It has been a fun challenge full of inspiration. In case you missed any of my posts you can catch up by clicking on the links below:

- Sunshine & Light
- Blossoms & Trees
- Rain & Water
- Grass & Green

For the grand finale we are to share our favorite spring photos. Just a few weeks ago we took a trip to the Carolinas. I took tons of pictures! As you probably know it can take a while to organize them and get them posted. Here's a sneak peek of our trip, which just happen to be some of my favorite most recent Spring photos. I hope you enjoy them!


<em>Leap Into Spring!</em> Photo Challenge


  1. enjoy is an understatement!!! WOW, I'm left speechless over these, INcredible and breathtaking you are one talented gal!!!

  2. Normally my favourite place to be is in a field of strawberries but I would love to be up with those wildflowers and overlooking that mountain ridge - love the colours in that landscape aswell.

  3. so lovely...OMG I crave strawberries now!!!


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