June 14, 2012

A Few Baby Shower Ideas

As you know I recently went to a friend's baby shower. I love any type of celebration! I've had lots of fun in the past helping put together showers for friends. This time since my friend's family was hosting and putting everything together I asked if I could contribute a few things. One thing I like to have as a decoration for any event is some type of wreath that clearly shows guests that they've arrived at the right place.

This is super easy to make, you just need scraps of fabric. You could have a lot of fun with different types of fabric. Since we still don't know if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl, I chose a variety of colors.  I actually made one for my own front door that says "welcome." You can read about how to make one of these wreaths HERE

Another thing I like to do for the new mom is to make thank you cards and have all the guests fill out their name and address on an envelope.
The theme for the shower was Beanie Babies so I added a little heart tag to the bear's ear. Usually I would have this sitting out so that when there's down time guests can fill out an envelope. At this shower they actually did something different. They passed out the envelopes to everyone at once and had them fill out their information, then they had a drawing for a prize. I thought that was a great idea! Then you can make sure everyone really fills out an envelope.

One of my favorite things I contributed to this shower were the Mustaches and Bows. Isn't this a fun way to vote on the gender of the baby?

I found some fuzzy fabric at the local craft store in both brown and black. Then I made a template out of paper for a guide. I used hot glue to attach each stash onto a Bar Pin. They sell the Bar Pins in packs of 30 and you can find them in the jewelry making section of most craft stores. I was planning to make my own bows with some ribbon but I found packs of 5 in the clearance section for 10 cents and I had a coupon.
There are lots of different ways you could display the Stashes and Bows. I happened to stumble upon a baby picture frame that was covered in fabric. The pins stuck into the frame perfectly. It would be super easy to make something similar yourself with an old frame, some foam and fabric. You could also just use a cork board. I thought it would be so fun to get a picture of those that chose bows holding up the bow to their hair and then a picture of those that chose stashes holding up the stash to their mouth. Unfortunately we actually forgot to get a count. It looked like more people thought it was going to be a girl though.

Last but not least here's a fun gift idea.

Who do you know that couldn't use some extra money when they're expecting a new baby? You could have a piggy bank at the shower for a decoration and tell the guests ahead of time to bring a little extra money. I actually contacted some friends that I knew wouldn't be able to make it to the shower and they lovingly filled that piggy bank up. I can't wait to tell you more about that piggy bank, it's something I've been keeping a secret for a loooooong time.

Do you have any other awesome baby shower ideas? I would love for you to share them. I have a few more friends that are expecting and I hope to contribute some fun things for their showers.

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