June 4, 2012

Visting the Carolinas, part 5

 The gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains are one of our favorite things about visiting Asheville, North Carolina. We love to hike and enjoy nature so we were excited to spend time doing this with my husbands younger siblings. 
I was surprised at how different it was in the mountains. It was a little cooler and Spring hadn't fully sprung yet. The forest was still such a vibrant, lush green. I adored the moss covered logs that lined the trail. 

 We found remnants of an old chimney

and a fascinating snail,

we also found a magical moth!

And we explored one of the shelters. My husband enjoyed reading through the log. He dreams of thru-hiking the AT. 

Isn't he handsome?

I love him a lot!

We had so much fun spending time together and enjoying God's marvelous work. 

I couldn't ask for better sister-in-laws :)

On our way back from hiking we drove through a small town and had to stop at some fun looking shops. 

One of the galleries we went in was FULL of inspiration. I loved everything about that gallery! 

There was a gorgeous pot sitting on the porch of the gallery that fit in so wonderfully with the scenery!

The next morning before we had to leave just us girls went out on the town. 

I'm a HUGE fan of public art!

I can't visit Asheville without getting coffee at my favorite place Double D's! You must go if you ever get the chance. 

The best seat in the house was taken, it's where you can enjoy the bus and get a good view of the street, so you can people watch.

Isn't the decor FANTASTIC?

I was so excited that they were making my favorite drink in the whole world that I originally discovered in Ouray Colorado. It's a Red Hot Chili Mocha. It's a Mocha with a kick. Be brave and try it if you get the chance you won't regret it. I got the iced version.

Our trip to the Carolinas was a lot of fun it! It was nice to get time away and also spend time with family. Do you have any fun trips you're planning to take this summer? 

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  1. that bus is rockin, LOVE it.

    I love forests myself, interesting that you noticed a change in temp and the atmosphere...really really great pics, and fun fun fun with those moving ones!


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