June 11, 2012

Midwest Baby Shower

We made some dear friends while we were living in Colorado. Two of which were born and raised in the Midwest. Shortly after we moved to Omaha they moved to Minnesota to be a little closer to their families. We've enjoyed visiting with them a few times. You may remember a post about one of our visits, in case you missed it you can read about it Here or Here.

When I found out they were expecting their first baby I knew I wanted to make it to the shower and celebrate with them. It was a 6 hour drive for us to their home in Minnesota. Once we arrived we got back in the car, this time with them, and drove a few more hours to Wisconsin where their families live.

During the ride to Wisconsin our friends' sweet dog Keltie decided that my husband's head and or shoulder was the best spot to lay. She was so cute and always wants or should I say NEEDS constant people contact.

I've never been to Wisconsin before so I was surprised to see rolling hills. 

Of course I knew cheese wouldn't be in short supply.


It was so sweet of our friends' families to open their homes and let us stay with them for the weekend. Especially since we had only briefly met some of them before. They were so hospitable and showed us a very warm welcome. The shower couldn't have gone better. It took place in my friend C's parent's back yard. They don't have a typical backyard. It was such a beautiful space, alive with flowers and wonderfully landscaped.
The theme was animals/Beanie Babies. Do you have a lot of Beanie Babies in storage that you collected at one time? Isn't that a brilliant way to utilize them? 

C's family did such a great job putting everything together for the shower. I really wanted to contribute but it was hard from a distance. I was able to do a couple things for the shower like the stashes and bows below. 

Of course a baby shower wouldn't be complete without games. They did the traditional how big around is the mom and then some that I've never heard of like see how fast the new mom can dress the bear. The guests all signed the little bear's outfit. It was pretty adorable. They also held up different Beanie Babies and had us list the names of their babies for example sheep would be lamb. Isn't that too fun!?!

It couldn't have been a more beautiful day. You could feel the love all around. Later that evening we spent time at the lake and we also had to get some famous ice-cream. Ever heard of Belt's?

What a perfect ending to a wonderful day! If only we could have spent a little longer with our friends. I sure can't wait for this new little blessing to arrive. I really think it's going to be a girl.

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