August 17, 2012


Happy Weekend Everyone! Do you have any plans? The weather is supposed to be gorgeous here, I'm really loving these crisp, chilly mornings. We have some visitors coming this weekend! I love it when people stay with us. I want people to feel comfortable and happy when they stay. I often think it would be amazing to own and run an inn. So I find myself acting as if my home is an inn when people come to stay. Is that weird? I do it even with close family.

One thing I love to do is have fresh cut flowers around.

I've been getting them from the local Farmers Market. Supporting my local farmers is just another perk of having fresh cut flowers around the house. It would be amazing to collect flowers from my own garden one day. But I have lots of learning to do about gardening around these parts.

I also have a desk in the guest room that has a binder full of info on the area and a stack of fun maps. It was actually left here by the real-estate company when we bought our house.
Is there something you like to do to prepare for guests?  

If you have time this weekend make sure you check out the Make your Dog Smile shop on Etsy and let me know which tag is your favorite. The owner has been kind enough to offer a tag up to a $20 value to one lucky winner. You only have until midnight on Monday the 20th for a chance to win. You can read more about the giveaway HERE


  1. The flowers look welcoming and beautiful! Since my guests are usually my grown children, I always try to make their food favorites when they are home. Enjoy your weekend with your guests!

    1. Thanks Kim! I love it when my mom fixes yummy food when we visit :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Caytea! They are actually tie up shades. They can be tied in a variety of ways and when you want privacy you can pull them down. They work really well.


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