August 20, 2012

Spin Cycle and a Winner

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine sure was eventful. We spent time visiting with our guests and explored a fun winery in the area. Yesterday we planned to hang out at the house and relax, although there was a debate as to if we should go out for an early linner (lunch/dinner). Thankfully we decided to stay at home.

As we were fixing lunch there was a little accident with the Lemonade. I cleaned it all up and decided to put the towels I used and some others that were starting to get stinky in the wash. The pipes made their usual racket as the washer filled with water, something didn't quiet seem right though. We continued to talk with our visitors as the washer made it's usual noises. After I thought the wash had finished I went in to switch everything into the dryer and that's when I found a flood.

There was water everywhere! It was seeping under the wall into the living room and all the way down to the basement. I was frozen and confused. My head was spinning. I didn't understand what happened. I thought there was a MAJOR problem with the pipes.

After further investigation we determined it was the very old washer that was the problem, not the pipes. It's funny because when we first moved into the house I said, "I must get a new washer, that one is too old and dirty." My husband and mother convinced me it still had life in it and we could clean it up real nice. My mom actually did all the work and made that thing shine. It's been working great! I thought it was wonderful that I would be able to spend my money on other fun things and not a washer. Now I'm forced into buying a new washer and my head is spinning with all the options.

I'm really gonna miss this washer that I once thought I hated. Who knew that your clothes could spontaneously com-bust because of vegetable oil? That's what the lid of the washer says. At least for now I have a creek to do my wash in and a bridge for hanging it out to dry.

Yesterday the bridge looked a lot more redneck and was covered with towels. Tell me about your weekend, did anything eventful happen?

I hope y'all got a chance to check out the amazing metal art in both the  Make your Dog Smile and Hettie Rex shops. The winner of the tag is... Caytea!  Congrats, we'll be in touch soon!

Now I have to get back to my huge pile of laundry. Washing by hand is gonna take a while ;)


  1. Yea for Make Your Dog Smile! I am so excited to see Poppy in her new dog tag! :)
    Boo for broken washers; though it is cute to see your laundry drying on your bridge. Good luck finding a new one!

    1. Poppy is going to look awesome! I did find a new washer and I've never been happier to do laundry :D


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