August 27, 2012

One of those days...

Have you ever had one of those days; one that is so bad it turns into one of those weeks? Sometimes it just keeps going and doesn't even end after a week. We've all been there. Some people say it's just life but that doesn't make it any easier. We all go through different challenges and obstacles. Sometimes they don't seem like a big deal to others but they are a big deal to us; which means they are a big deal to our Father. Crazy sounding right? I really do believe he cares about everything that matters to us!

I think moving to a new place amplifies emotions. I have found myself crying in the grocery store and tearing up at the doctor. I'm sure if you've moved to a new place you know what I mean. It gets frustrating starting over and trying to find things. What brings me comfort during those times of frustration and disappointment is knowing that I have a Father that cares.

As you know my washer broke last week and flooded the house. Thankfully we had money saved up and could buy a new washer but that's not what I wanted to spend that money on. I was thinking more about buying a new light fixture, some paint and some new cabinet pulls. Our new washer arrived and after holding my breath while they squeezed it past my newly painted doors, I soon discovered it didn't get power. After messing around with the circuit breaker and realizing it wasn't going to work I had to rush off to the eye doctor. Why? Because I FAILED my eye test at the DMV and couldn't get my license.

Did you know I'm blind in one eye? I was born that way, my eye is actually deformed, but you can't see it by looking at me. Going to a new eye doctor is not fun. They always are so fascinated with my eyes and they act like they need to provide me information that I already know. So I spent a little over 2 hours at the eye doctor so that they can be convinced that I'm safe to drive. After the eye doctor I went home excited about figuring out how to get my washer to work. I discovered by a MIRACLE there was power going to the outlet. Once my husband got home we got it all figured out and running. I was thrilled!

LG the maker of the washer still sent someone out the next day to make sure it was working properly. This washer is the fanciest one I've ever used. It actually has a diagnostic button that sends a signal to the support team alerting them to what's going on.

So far I'm very impressed with this washer. It's like a front loader but it's a top loader. The inside is HUGE! It's so much fun to watch it work through the glass top. The lid locks and has a child lock option but you can still add a garment if you need to. One of my favorite parts about the washer is the melody that it plays. It's funny how excited I am about washing clothes now. I made two short clips to the share the melody with you.

After we had a few days of new washer bliss. We loaded up our dirty clothes and sat on the sofa to relax after a few hours of intense yard work. Then we heard a horrific WOOOOOOSH followed by a waterfall type sound. We ran to the washer to find the 2nd flood in just a week! The drain tube had somehow pushed it's way off. This flood since caught early wasn't quite as bad as the first. It still managed to seep all the way through the floor to the basement and run it's way under the built in bookcase on the opposite wall.

On top of the washer madness and the fact that I couldn't get my drivers license without jumping through some extra hoops, my baby girl Blanca had to be taken to the vet for a bump on her snout and swollen eyes. Now she's on a few different meds in hopes to knock whatever this is out. Otherwise she might be having some oral issues. I'm praying for a miracle that she's completely healed!

It was quite a week and that's not even all of it! We HAD to take some time on Saturday to get away, relax and try something new. Some dear friends sent us a gift certificate to take a winery tour and enjoy a tasting paired with food. We had such a wonderful time and the best part is the winery is only a few miles from our house!

Mountain View Vineyard was a great experience and we are looking forward to going back. If you're ever in the Pocono Mountain area you should definitely visit them!
Next time you have one of those days or weeks or even months, I hope you will be encouraged.  Just think about the fruit that will be produced after a little pruning!


  1. I love the little ditty on your washer! Glad too that you got to take a break. :)

    1. Yes it was a nice break and I think I'll have to take another in the near future ;)


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