October 30, 2012

Thankful & Monster Eggs

Hello Friends! I hope each of you is doing well. Sandy has come and is slowly leaving, at least for us in PA. We are thankful and in praise to our Father that we are safe and have power. The power went out many times but by God's grace it always came back. We have quite a few fallen trees and branches scattered around our property. There were times last night when the wind sounded like a freight train. Unfortunately a shed in our backyard was damaged pretty badly, but we hadn't even begun to use it. Now we just have to figure out how to clean everything up. My prayers go out to those who are still dealing with Sandy and her aftermath.

In case you still need to make a special treat for Halloween consider making these Monster Eggs that I blogged about last year. Read all about them HERE. 

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  1. Let's try again. I had a typo the first time! I'm glad to hear you are OK. Your Monster Eggs are super cute. Happy Halloween!


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