October 2, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday (blind tie-back)

We recently got some new blinds and the cord is super long, especially when the blinds are open. Blinds usually come with a cheap little piece of hardware that you can attach to the wall or window frame.  Usually they're not attractive but they work well keeping the cord up and out of the way.

We have found so many old interesting pieces of hardware around our farmhouse. I decided that the solid brass window locks from the original windows would make great tie-backs for the blind cord.

In our living room I attached two window locks to the wall so that the cord could wrap around them.

My husband was really surprised when he saw what I did but it has grown on him and he's really happy with the character it adds to the space. Not to mention it allows us to put some of that old hardware to good use and on display to enjoy.

In another room we decided to just use one window lock, which works great too.

So today's tidbit is to inspire you to try something new when looking to tie-back those blind cords. See if you have anything interesting around your house or maybe you might stumble across something at a flea market. Enjoy every inch of your home!

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