September 20, 2013

DIY Ironing Table

I haven't had a proper ironing surface in a long time. I think the cheep ironing board we had broke in the move from Colorado to Nebraska. Since I got my sewing machine I've been working on a space to create in. From what I understand ironing is an important step when sewing. Therefore I needed a place to iron and I wanted it to be big so that I could lay out a good amount of fabric. I used that hutch/desk from yesterdays post, the one under the craft screen organizer, to make an ironing table. Now I realize that it's not exactly ironing board height but it's what I had so I just pull a chair up and sit down when I'm ironing, it's quite nice.

You could really use any table. Our hutch/desk was starting to fall apart so I gave it a new life. I also like that it has storage underneath. Here is another tutorial to give you more inspiration she actually uses a table with adjustable legs. 

It's pretty simple to make an ironing table. You need to get some fabric. I used batting (warm & natural), muslin and a printed canvas. I liked the durable feel of the canvas. You could use any type of printed cotton for the final layer. 

The batting is the first layer and you actually need to double it up. Lay out the fabric and cut it to the size of your table leaving enough to pull around the edges and staple it. I found that it works best to staple in the middle and work your way out to the edges. 
If you've ever reupholstered a seat cushion it's a lot like that. You keep folding over the edges and pulling them tight stapling underneath as you go. After the bunting you put a layer or 2 of muslin then finally the patterned fabric. 

I'm really happy with how my table turned out. I've used it for a few projects already. 

If you're in need of an ironing surface you've gotta try this project. 

Before I go I have an exciting announcement. Raven and I signed up for an online sewing class! Have you ever heard of Craftsy? You might have seen the orange Craftsy button in the sidebar, they are my newest sponsor. They've been having a sale and I feel awful that I'm just now telling you about it. Right now all classes and supplies are 75% off. That means you can take a class for $9.99. I'm taking my first one now, although I haven't started yet. What's great about it is that you can watch the class video whenever it's convenient for you and you get to interact with a real instructor and community of other students. You learn new techniques and make projects. They offer so many fun classes from cooking & baking to sewing & quilting. You really should check it out. There's not much time left!


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