September 18, 2013

Gluten Free Girl Potluck

Shauna a.k.a. The Gluten Free Girl is taking a road trip and hosting potlucks you can read all about it HERE. I can't remember exactly where I first found her. I know it was when I was desperately searching for anything and everything I could find on gluten free eating. I purchased her book (Gluten Free Girl Everyday) and started reading her blog. She has written so much helpful information and delicious recipes. Not to mention she and her family are an absolute delight to keep up with. So of course I was thrilled to find out they would be hosting a potluck in Bowmansville, PA only a few hours away from where I live.

I don't know why I was so nervous about going. It's quite silly that these human emotions creep in such as fear and nervousness. They can really hold us back. I suppose it was partly because I was excited to meet Shauna and her family but I didn't want to seem too excited (crazy).  Also I went alone and drove 2 hours to a place I had never been before. It was a beautiful drive from the Poconos to Amish Country. I brought my camera (I hardly go anywhere without it), my Gluten Free Girl Everyday Book (hoping to get it signed) and food to share.

The potluck was held at a church and was an intimate gathering. The idea was to bring Pennsylvania foods to share. Since I'm not originally from Pennsylvania I struggled with what to bring. Also whatever I brought needed to hold up during a couple hour drive. I ended up bringing Apple Butter made from PA apples, right from my backyard and an Autumn Salad. I made a version of this salad before being gluten free so this time I altered the recipe. It was chocked full of apples from my backyard and other local ingredients. It's a salad that I really enjoy. Give it a try, it might surprise you.

I was hesitant to whip out my camera I always get nervous taking too many pictures at things like this, I don't want to impose. I ended up getting a few shots of the event though. 
Those who helped to host the event did a lovely job adding Fall touches to each table. A sweet group of ladies invited me to sit with them. I appreciated that since I was alone. It was fun talking with them; they seemed quite surprised that I drove so far to attend the potluck. It really wasn't a bad drive at all and I like to seize the moment; who know's if I'll ever get another one like it again.  I can't even imagine how Shauna and her family must be feeling after all their travels. 

There was a great selection of gluten free foods! It was refreshing to have so many different options to choose from. I wanted to try everything. 

This was my first plate:
Wow I just realized everything on my first plate was just about the same color.  I wonder if this event was a good representation of what foods Pennsylvania is known for? I noticed there weren't many, if any, meat dishes although there could have been some on the gluten side of the room. It seemed that there were quite a few squash and cabbage dishes. I did go back for a second plate but didn't get a picture. 
I enjoyed all the foods very much. 

They also had a few goodies to share from their sponsors.
I was excited to leave with a box of pasta. I've been wanting to try jovial pasta for sometime but had difficulty locating it. Also I left with a Walnut Cappuccino Truebar which I'm looking forward to trying. 

The best thing I left with though was a full belly and a signed book. I was actually nervous to ask to have my book signed. I wondered if Shauna was sick of signing books and just wanted to enjoy the Potluck and I honestly just didn't know how to approach it. I'm a weirdo right? Well that was all taken care of for me by their sweet daughter Lucy who ran up to me and actually grabbed the book from my hands. It made me laugh and I also didn't know why she grabbed the book. I thought maybe she was playing a game or didn't know it was my book and she was putting it back on the table. No actually she wanted to sign it. She knew right what to do to and so did her dad. After she signed it he signed it too then it was just a natural progression to get the third signature from the Gluten Free Girl herself.

It was a great evening and it was such a joy to meet Shauna and her family. They are so down-to-earth and authentic. I hope that if you get the chance to attend one of her future potlucks you will. If you're not familiar with her already take some time to find out more about her on her blog. I can't wait to see what she comes up with after traveling around America. Can you imagine how much fun that would be to travel around America trying all the different foods from each region? 

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