September 24, 2013

Pickled Apples

Yes you read that correctly. I'm talking about apples that are pickled. You really can pickle just about anything. Pickled fruit is awesome! We had tons of apples this year which means I could try out some new recipes. 

These Apple Pickles were such a surprise. At first bite they taste like a pickle but at the end they finish like an apple. I know some of you are thinking that sounds weird but it's really good. They take cheese & crackers to the next level. They are also delicious in a cabbage slaw with pork chops. You can find the recipe I used HERE. I did do a couple different things 1) I used cider vinegar 2) I didn't use anise pods.
So are you intrigued? Would you be willing to try it or does it freak you out? 

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