November 12, 2013


Since moving to our farm house in PA I've become more familiar with different plant varieties; I never really knew that much before. It's been so much fun to learn about what's been growing around us. Now I'm hoping to become familiar with plants that grow in Colorado. Last time I lived there I didn't have very good success, this time I hope it will be different. If you have any advice or resources please send it my way. When I think of Mums I think of a Fall plant that's often set out on porches for decoration like the ones I planted in old buckets for our porch.
I recently drove toward Philly to spend the day at Longwood Gardens, as you may have previously read I was searching for the colors of Autumn. I knew they were having a Chrysanthemum festival but I didn't really know how interesting that would be. I expected to see lots of plants like the ones above except in different colors. Well I should have known better, Longwood Gardens is at the forefront of horticulture and plant artistry. This Chrysanthemum festival was beyond my wildest dreams. Experts have nurtured and trained these plants into amazing works of art. I had no idea Mums could look like this. The most impressive display was the largest Thousand Bloom Mum in North America which showcased more than one thousand perfect yellow blooms, I shared another picture of this amazing beauty in a previous post
Walking through this conservatory is like being in a Fairy Tale. 
The light is so dreamy 
and warm. 
Whimsical flowers are around every corner. 
The way these plants were manipulated made me want to immediately go home 
and start experimenting with the mums on my porch. 
It was so fascinating to hear how they meticulously maintain the plants
 trimming away all the other buds so one bud can grow to a large size. 
It's still hard for me to get over the variety of mums that there are. 
I usually don't choose favorites but I really loved the Spidermum.
And it's the only kind of spider I will ever say that I love. 
I had such a wonderful day at the gardens surrounded by God's creativity. I hope that you enjoyed the pictures I captured and they transported you to a peaceful place.
  Are there any gardens for you to enjoy in the area you live?


  1. Are you working for a magazine yet?! You are amazing Catherine, unreal photos!! I love Mums, and conservatories. We have a great one attached to a zoo here in St.Paul!


  2. Oh how I'd love to have a whole garden full of a rainbow of colours! Yes,we have a beautiful botanical garden in Madrid.


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