December 15, 2011

A Mysterious Package

The other day me and my girl Blanca went for a walk around the block ending with the rewarding experience of getting the mail. It truly is the most exciting part of our day. Blanca always thinks the mail is for her too, it's quite funny. Maybe it's because when we first got her we let her open the mail that was sent her her by her grandparents to welcome her to her new home.

Well there was no mail for Blanca this time. I was surprised to discover a mysterious package with my name on it from the lovely state of Oregon. I wasn't expecting anything so I was clueless as to what it could be. The return address said Bouncing Ball Creations. I was very curious to find out what was inside. When I opened up the package I searched for a note but there was none to be found. I did find a small fabric sack, adorned with a silky black ribbon tied in a neat little bow. On the front of the sack was an image of a bouncing ball. What a lovely little sack I thought, I couldn't imagine what was inside. I carefully untied the ribbon and 5 pencils slid out. These were no ordinary pencils though. They were special. Each one has a different design that was in a strange way familiar. I sat and stared at these lovely pencils thinking to myself why are they so familiar. Then it hit me. The patterns on the pencils were the same as the inside of an envelope. I wrote a post not to long ago about using the inside of an envelope to make cards, check it out here.

I'm still left wondering who sent me these lovely pencils in such a sweet pencil pouch. I got online and typed in Bouncing Ball Creations and discovered an Etsy shop with that name. Unfortunately the owner has closed the shop for a vacation right now. According to the profile, the owners name is Mariko which means bouncing ball in Japanese. So that explains the name of the company.  I noticed that the pencils fit perfectly in the block that holds my new calendar that my swapmate sent. Was it you calendar swapmate? Whoever it was I'm very appreciative and would like to say thank you. So you should come forward! I do adore these little pencils and love the fact that they are mechanical so they won't dwindle away by sharpening.

Finally I would like to say:

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